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Goblin Swamp
Carey Brook, Western Australia

December 4, 2018

Not long after we moved to Pemberton in the South West of Western Australia at the beginning of 2005, locals told us about Goblin Swamp. Their description of it being a place you’d definitely not want to be after dark seemed somewhat exaggerated, however when we finally got out there to see this place of twisted ‘magical creatures’ there was no denying its other-worldly presence.


 Located 25 km west of Pemberton via the Vasse Highway and Boat Landing Road within the Carey Brook area of the Greater Hawke National Park, access to Goblin Swamp is a short 500 metre walk from the sign-posted Goblin carpark. There is a sturdy viewing platform and bench seating to take in the gnarly misshapen melaleuca trees most commonly known as paperbarks.


 Water floods through the Goblin Swamp for many months throughout the year, but does dry out towards the end of summer. The reflections double the illusion of this being a mysterious place of mythical swamp creatures the feeling of being eye-balled.


The vegetation within this area of the Greater Hawke National Park is a diversified mix of lush marri and jarrah forest, interspersed with groves of sheoak and peppermint.










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