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Mount Chudalup
Windy Harbour, Western Australia

November 20, 2018

Mt Chudalup is a 187m high granite outcrop in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park on the way to Windy Harbour from Northcliffe in Western Australia. The 360º views are more than reward for what feels like a very reasonable output. Not ones to scale great heights, Anya and I had a gorgeous afternoon during Spring one year, chasing each other through karri and marri forest which gives way to peppermints, grass trees, snottygobbles, banksias and sheoaks to the top.

I’m not too sure of the collective noun for grass trees, but this patch looked as if strategically planned.

According to the Department of Parks and Wildlife, this granite outcrop is home to 42 species of moss, 28 species of lichen and 6 species of liverwort, some of which are rare and have only been recorded at this site. They are an integral part of the complex ecosystem that exists on this ‘granite island’.

A large block of granite reaching 187 metres above sea level, Mount Chudalup is known as a monadnock; a residual hill or mountain standing well above the surface of a surrounding plains area.













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