Food & Farm Tourism Consultancy

Food & Farm Tourism, also called Agritourism, is a tourism experience or product that connects agricultural products, people or places with visitors on a farm or rural land.

From early 2018 to late 2019 I was the Agritourism Coordinator for the Southern Forests Food Council, developing customised Food & Farm Tour experiences for various groups wishing to meet local growers, understand their work and taste fresh produce in its prime at its source. A highlight in this role was developing a Chef’s Food & Farm Tour program for established and emerging West Australian chefs.

Food and wine experiences are being increasingly sought after as consumers desire to better understand where their food comes from, learn how it is produced and experience the ultimate in low food miles by enjoying produce where it is produced.

The benefits of Agritourism activities and events:

  • Supports a resilient farming community generating a supplementary revenue stream or product for farmers
  • Reconnects people with farming and the land reigniting the connection between city and country
  • Contributes to local economies
  • Provides the opportunity for additional employment opportunities in rural & regional communities   

Examples of Agritourism:

  • Farmers Markets
  • Farm stays
  • Farm tours
  • Roadside Stalls & Markets
  • Pick-your-own operations
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Farm Museums
  • Farmshops
  • On-farm Restaurants or Cafes

Talk to me today via the Contact & Collaborations page about ways in which your farm can diversify, inspire and connect with your customers, building and strengthening your community.