Food Service Consultancy

Being born and raised in the Barossa Valley, South Australia; a region with one of the oldest migrant culinary foodways in the history of white settlement in Australia. Quality of life was and remains measured by warm hospitality, delicious food, wine and care for community. These values have carried over into my work as a professional chef in the industry for over 30 years and now as a Food Consultant to the West Australian hospitality, tourism, food publishing and Agritourism industries.

Listening to the needs of clients and staying attune to the current challenging operational environment: collaborative, resourceful and strategic planning with a creative solutions, profitable outcomes driven approach.

  • Food concepts and menu design with a strong local, ethical and sustainability focus
  • Assist with responsible revenue generation, food costing and supplier procurement
  • Create products and dishes that align with people power, place, nutrition and deliciousness
  • Provide consultation for specific types of food production, taking into account dietary and cultural needs
  • Create and maintain food safety procedures and efficient kitchen management processes

My work as a chef began with a 4 year apprenticeship at the Pheasant Farm Restaurant in the Barossa Valley, South Australia in the mid to late 1980’s with Maggie Beer. A pivotal time in Australian culinary history with one of this country’s most beloved cooks and pioneers in the paddock to plate movement.

Understanding and authentically communicating a sense of place through food is my defining point of difference in designing Menu Concepts and creative Food Service Packages. Adapting the challenging logistics, reduced skilled-labour resources and the inherent operational challenges in the current pandemic environment.

My early education in the kitchen was founded on the principles of seasonality and supporting local producers; learning to creatively adapt to the many inherent variables associated with having a direct connection with produce at its seasonal peak.

At the beginning of 2005, my then husband and I moved our family to a small property on the outskirts of Pemberton, in the heart of WA’s Southern Forests timber and agricultural region. In 2011 we opened Foragers Field Kitchen & Cooking School. Over an 8 year period I taught hands-on cooking workshops and demonstration cooking classes and offered weekly long-table dinner events focusing on the region’s fresh produce and the culinary heritage of the early settlers, which formed the core of my approach to everything offered from my kitchen.

Prior to moving to Pemberton I was engaged by the City of Fremantle as the Food Consultant to the Fremantle Arts Centre Cafe where I redesigned the menu to reflect it’s location and support the creative events program with Food & Wine Masterclasses and incorporate ingredients from the vegetable / herb garden.


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