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Perth Writers Festival Blog Feature

February 4, 2016
Green Tea Icecream

It’s PIAF time again and Sophie will be part of it! In the lead-up to the Perth Writers Festival, Sophie was invited to contribute some new recipes to the blog and came up with this perfect summer treat from Food of the Southern Forests.  The Green Tea, Buckwheat, Cinnamon & Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich recipe is sure to impress with its surprising and refreshing flavour combinations. Visit the article to try out the recipe.

Paddock to Print series at Perth Writers Festival

The Paddock to Print series is all about a topic close to Sophie’s heart – cookbooks. Here’s more about the series from Perth Writers Festival:

“The demand for cookbooks, food blogs and cooking programs shows no signs of abating; instead our desire and interest in all things food related is insatiable. What is it about food that inspires such passion? More than just simple nourishment for the body, it provides us with enjoyment, inspires creativity, is charged with political meaning, laden with memory and is a way to find social connection. It helps us to build family, and a sense of home and identity.

Thanks to social media, we now have new ways to share our love of food, with an explosion of food blogging and photography. From Paddock to Print celebrates the storytelling around food and the tradition of great food writing, while examining these new platforms for sharing our passion. Connect with fellow food lovers including Valli Little, Michelle Crawford, Paul West, Anna Jones, Sophie Zakolar, Damon Gameau, Indira Naidoo and many more.

Join us for a cultural feast made with the freshest ingredients – the best food writing, photography, tastings, conversations and workshops.”

Sophie will be participating in the following event as part of the series:


Piaf Logo

Sat 20 Feb, 1–2pm
Dolphin Theatre
Sophie Zalokar and Danielle Costley share their culinary journeys with Danielle Benda.


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